Exercise not only your body, but also your rights: Elections 2024


Ever since I can remember, I have always been fascinated by the idea of voting.I grew up intently listening to my parents and grandparents debate politics over dinner. They discussed politicians, policies, and how decisions made by the government affect our daily lives with a lot of enthusiasm. These discussions helped me to realize that voting was not just a citizen’s right but also a vital duty. I eagerly looked forward to the day I could take part in this democratic process since it gave me a voice in the decisions made in our society.

Soon, the general elections of 2024 finally came around and fortunately for me, their timings coincided with my summer break which meant I would be in India and finally get to cast a vote! I read everything I could about politics before the election. I watched debates, read articles, and stayed updated on Indian news while residing in the USA since I wanted to make an informed and logically backed decision because I knew that my vote will have an impact on the development of my country. I was well aware of the significance of this occasion and was filled with a deep sense of responsibility and excitement.I got up early on election day since my parents and I wanted to beat the heat and cast our votes before the wrath of the afternoon. I was nervous and proud at the same time as I made my way to the polling place. I had been anticipating this milestone for years. The polling place was a flurry of activity. People were guided to their designated lines by police officers, and a strong sense of community was present. It was tremendously motivating to see so many individuals from all walks of life and ages uniting to exercise their right to vote.

A government official applied the electoral ink on the index finger of my left hand after verifying my identity and registration documents. I could feel the weight of its importance as I looked at it settle in my hands. This little blot of ink served as a symbol of my decision, my voice, and my participation in the democratic process. With a sense of pride, I made my way towards the polling booth.In the peace and quiet of the polling booth, I gave great thought to every applicant for one quick and final time. Since I had taken the time to consider the implications of my vote, I felt confident in the decisions I had made. I had a wave of empowerment as I made my choices. Despite how little it may appear in the big picture, I knew I had made a difference and was part of something much bigger than myself as soon as I pressed the button. The simple act of casting my vote filled me with a profound sense of accomplishment. I had finally fulfilled a lifelong dream.

Thinking back on my first election, I’m reminded of how crucial active citizenship is. As citizens, we all have a duty to vote, thus it is more than just a right. It’s a means of holding our leaders responsible and influencing the choices that impact our lives. It is imperative that we all take the time to vote since every vote adds to the people’s collective voice.I’m determined to keep taking an active part in the political process as I await upcoming elections. I will always be passionate about participating in society because of my first-ever voting experience. I urge everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to vote responsibly and enthusiastically, especially those who are doing so for the first time. Together, we have the power to influence our country’s future and show that our voices matter.