TOK : TikTok of IB board


For most of TOK is just part of most happening “Tik Tok”

For those across the world who study IB board diploma programme its quite different

TOK: Theory of Knowledge

Out of 45 Points it just a 3 pointer but like basketball 3 pointer means lot of satisfaction

Though in terms of weightage of marks is just 6.666% only but I believe its gist of subject.

Boards across the world have evolved lot in past 20 yrs.


  1. Theory
  2. Theory + oral
  3. Theory + oral+ practical
  4. Theory +oral+ practical + MCQ
  5. Theory + oral+ practical + MCQ+ TOK

The necessity of learning to knowledge to its practical application has evolved the test pattern

The latest addition by IB board is “TOK”

I believe in present world where most of social media information are fake, manipulated, distorted without proper authentication TOK is must

Most of us just say anything like political leaders just to say whether its logical , relevant or supported by truth

TOK is like taking at least two steps backward to find history of what we have said

For example, other day I was having discussion in family on RAM MANDIR TEMPLE in Ayodhya and supreme court judgment

Now logically we do not have any scientific proof till date about Lord Ram existence there is still grey area between Myth and History

Land mark Judgment by Supreme court was not about existence of Lord Ram

But about was there any old structure on which mosque was built

During excavation of Ayodhya site lot of pottery, clay utensil, stone manuscript was found which by scientifically carbon dating proved to way older than mosque

So if I stand by Supreme court judgement its because I have knowledge in form of evidence which supported judgement

My TOK says there was temple which was older than mosque and I have enough evidence to support my TOK

TOK is quite interesting thing it helps one to deep dive in subject or topic

It take to logical or calculated statement with support of something which can be accepted in public domain of intelligent people

Its not necessary once TOK is always correct, we all interpret results  we may be right we may be wrong but at least we have our point of view with some logic.

Science keep on correcting itself, whatever we know today with logical proof will be proved wrong in future because still we have lot and lot to learned

We still have to wrong many- many times to be correct

I believe we are still very -very wrong scientifically till we find

Single universal laws which can be applied to both Cell & celestial bodies

Till then keep once “TOK”….TikTok