Say YES to NO


The gas Nitric Oxide forms by the reaction of Nitrogen and Oxygen in the air. This gas is considered to be a pollutant that is extremely fatal if inhaled as it can cause severe burns, damage to the eyes and is proven to be corrosive to the respiratory tract

While this is the case when Nitric Oxide is present in our surroundings, it acts as an absolutely different entity when it is inside the human body. Named molecule of the year in 1991, a Nobel prize-winning principle in 1998 showcased how endogenously produced Nitric Oxide acts as a signaling molecule for the cardiovascular system in our bodies.

So what exactly is Nitric Oxide?

It’s a colorless, odorless, diatomic nano molecule that is insoluble in water. A few properties which make it essential for us are:

Due to it having one valence electron, it has a half life of a few seconds and is reactive

It is one of the 10 smallest molecules which is stable in nature

Being a nano molecule, it passes through the human cell membrane easily

NO is a neutral, uncharged molecule despite having one spare electron

These properties make NO the ideal molecule for chemical signaling functions in humans and other animals.

 Now that’s all well and good, but how does Nitric Oxide help with the fight against Covid-19? According to WHO, Viruses are named based on their genetic structure to facilitate the development of diagnostic tests, vaccines, and medicines. Therefore Coronavirus was named after its crown-like shape. This shape has protein spikes called Cysteine which come in contact with the healthy cells of the human body and format them to synthesize proteins benign for the virus but malign for the body. This causes the healthy cells in the body to die resulting in them blocking our air supply and cause further respiratory problems. Here, Nitric Oxide comes in contact with the cysteines and forms a chemical bond through a process called Nitrosylation. After this reaction, the protein loses the ability to attack the healthy cells. This process has been proved by clinical trials done in the United Kingdom and after trials the effect of Nitric Oxide doses on Covid patients is astounding. There is a 95% virus load reduction in 24 hours followed by a 99% reduction in 72 hours. Furthermore, Nitric oxide contains the spread of the virus 16 times faster and sterilizes the environment wherever it is present.

Before going further, we must realize the fact that Nitric Oxide is produced at a very high concentration in the paranasal sinuses of our bodies. As we all know, various fungal infections are popping up throughout the globe. One cause for the same could be the increase in the use of mechanical incubation devices which transmit oxygen via our mouths rather than the noses and

Therefore the inhaled oxygen completely bypasses the nitric oxide-rich area and is vulnerable to fungal infections.

Nitric oxide helps our body in the following ways:

It maintains the blood pressure

It is used to help newborn babies who experience respiratory problems

It prevents blood clots

It is an integral part of the autoimmune system

It acts as a messenger to the brain

Needless to say, we must learn how to optimize the level of Nitric Oxide in our body by natural means. This can be achieved by firstly, breathing from the nose as often as one can. As mentioned before, the nose is the reservoir of NO, and breathing from the same does maximize the amount of Nitric Oxide in our body. Secondly, while this cannot be done on a frequent basis, deep breathing while humming increases intranasal vibration and therefore increases the amount of Nitric Oxide produced twofold. Thirdly, the consumption of leafy vegetables with high Nitrate concentration aids in the increased production of Nitric Oxide. This occurs when the Nitrate (in presence of enzymes)reacts with the stomach acid to produce Nitric Oxide. Additionally, the consumption of Vitamin C-containing products, as well as Citric consumables, helps the enzymes to convert nitrate to nitric oxide.

In recent years, Nitric Oxide has also become available in cylinders similar to that of oxygen cylinders and are mixed into the oxygen ventilation system in small, selective doses. Companies such as SaNOtize are working towards finding a vaccine for coronavirus with respect to the inhaling of Nitric Oxide.

While the benefits of Nitric Oxide intake are clearly abundant, one must keep a set of precautions in mind. The artificial intake of NO must be taken under strict monitoring as if the concentration of the gases rises above 150 parts per minute, it turns toxic and can cause Hypotension, HTN syndrome, and also can mix with the oxygen in our system to make Nitrogen dioxide. It can also react with the hemoglobin much faster than oxygen and then it becomes very harmful for the human body. Since concentration is susceptible also to the way we breathe the gas, Nitric Oxide should be artificially inhaled only under the advice and supervision of doctors.

With that being said, the benefits of the natural intake of NO simply cannot be ignored and as the great Dr. Louis Ignarro suggests, “ Say YES to NO.”