” My community ..brief history “


Till recent conflict I never thought about which community I belong , where my ansestors come from , what we have achieved and where we want to be.
Lets time travel with me to find about me …
I come from Marwar region ,Thar desert of Rajasthan so called Marwari
We are basically a trader community who lived, survived a very harsh condition.
Lack of Agriculture, flora -fauna and water taught us respect and conserving natural resources which is still part of our habit by default
Our community donot believe in conflicts, we know solution to all problems can be found by sitting together so we are not found in armed forces or conflict zone
We are not good in field sports as there is saying “ when ever Marwari gets corner he will open a shop “

Our community have three main aim in life
1) Earn so much so that our next 7 generation can survive even if they have no work
2) We want our kids to study in best college and look after family owned grocery store after college hours
3) Marriage is only extravagant event in our life beside education
Our customs like, not to eat Onion , garlic or anything which grow underground may not have scientific support today but we belief anything which grow without sunlight is not good for health
We believe rice should not be eaten on 11th day of moon cycle , again I donot have science based evidence as of today
We are small community with depleting population and hence have no political relevance for any Political party ,we are not political leaders but every political party need us to manage finance
From Warren Buffet to best business houses trust us with there money
We mind our business and mends others business
we are great contributor to GDP of our country ,

I as modern generation don’t believe in many customs and traditions our community follow But I neither I oppose or revolt
I believe anything which is harmless and bring happiness to elders and parents is worth doing anytime and every time
We are insignificant in number but not irrelevant , we are like thread in bead necklace ,who holds every community.