Good Engineer 1


Engineering Chapter 1
The Tortoise and the Hare Aesop’s Fables is a perfect example of adage “ History is written by Victors’
My Father told me to tell Hare version of story , it made me realised the moral story is full of flaws
1) Speed of hare is 50 times more then tortoise considering this fact if Hare run for 5 min he had to sleep 250 minutes or almost 6 hrs
2) Story assume there was no one , family , friends , kids, to cheer and wake Hare
3) Slow and steady can be both monotonous and without adrenaline
4) Slow and steady is time consuming probability of dying is more then achieving goals due to time constrain.
5) Even if one tortoise won one race somewhere in some BCE/AD it cannot be applied as per law of probability
Moral of story is no matter what ever you tell People will believe it if its convincing and repeatedly supported by masses
Things I learned so far is, no matter whether you are right or wrong but you should always have logic to explain your answer ,curiosity should never die ,there can be doubts but no confusion
Simple question like
1) If we drink REVERSE OSMOSIS water will our blood will do OSMOSIS
2) If we drink alkaline water what will happen to ph of our stomach which is highly acidic
3) What happen to sugar in blood when we take insulin
Problem with people around me is that ,they are not ready to accept science and logic from me as I am still every under educated
younger generation not ready to accept old tradition without proof
so education is must go for me for not changing whole world but world around me

Medical has increased life expectancy but it increased misery ,now we live longer with misery

Many things like above happen daily around us we need scientific logic to explain common people
We need to change perception , we need to find economical solution for 7 billion people
Engineer Sonam Wangchuk hold 400 patents is my idol on whose life India’s biggest block buster movie 3 Idiots is made
He did not got any noble price but he made life of common people Noble
Engineer should find economical /practical solution to daily life of people around them