First hand on First semester @ GT


Setting foot on the Georgia Tech campus at the start of the semester was an exhilarating yet unsettling experience . Located on West Campus, my dorm room served as a haven where I witnessed late-night study sessions and spontaneous get-togethers that hopefully lead to long lasting friendships. One of my favorite memories of transitioning to the pace of college life was my participation in Dramatech, the epicenter of artistic expression on campus. I took part in a short skit called ‘Drugs Are Bad’, which helped me develop my acting abilities as well as my sense of resilience and community within the active theater community.

The variety of friendships I developed was what really set my semester apart. With every interaction and shared experience, the international community at Georgia Tech  opened my eyes to a wide range of cultures and viewpoints, broadening my perspective. I continue to embraced the beauty of diversity and the strength of unity, from engaging in lively conversations in the common area of my dorm to touring Tech’s vast campus.

Georgia Tech pushed me intellectually in ways I never would have predicted. My intellectual horizons were stretched by the demanding coursework and captivating lectures, which ignited a strong desire to learn and solve problems. Working on collaborative projects prepared me for the challenges ahead by teaching me the value of creativity and teamwork.

I discovered that as the semester went on, I came to embrace the knowledge I had gained from both inside and outside of the classroom. The university’s encouraging atmosphere, committed faculty, and wealth of resources helped me navigate the challenges of my studies and fueled my ambition. Every challenge turned into a chance for improvement, and every success served as evidence of my commitment and willpower.

I am incredibly appreciative of Georgia Tech’s life-changing experiences and encouraging community in the latter stages of this semester. In addition to influencing my academic path, the difficulties I overcame and the victories I experienced also helped me become a more resilient, sympathetic, and accepting person. I’m excited for the experiences and learnings that the remainder of the semester will bring, and I know that Tech will never cease pushing and encouraging me to achieve greater things.