” A thought “


I some times have genuine doubt that how this humanity would eradicated by global warming due to pollution
What we human are during
1) Extracting carbon based fuel from earth
2) Burning carbon based fuel in presence of Air
3) We are converting Oxygen into carbon dioxide
4) It changes mass of atmosphere from 32 amu to 44 at 37.5% Increase with every addition of CO2 in place of O2

It is changing the total mass of both earth’s crust and atmosphere
Earth crust should weight lesser and lesser and Air above would become heavier and heavier as we produce more pollution by green house gases
This should change following things
1) Centre of Gravity
2) Tilt of earth on its axis
3) Speed of Spin
It would be exciting to know if earth would turn upside down or due change of CG
Or drift in space due change in gravitational between earth and Jupiter