A Positive light on Covid-19


The impact of covid-19 on our world has no doubt been a disastrous one. With death rates rising and economies collapsing, there are perhaps a handful (if any) number of people who consider themselves lucky to be witnessing the wrath of this pandemic. But the fact of the matter is, most of our perceptions about the world tend to be relative. We cannot call a pencil small unless we have another bigger pencil present (physically or in our minds) to compare it with. This tendency to compare entities has let us to perceive the situation of the pandemic as unsuitable since we all can surely think of calmer, simpler times. Subsequently this will help us to be more grateful and admire the post pandemic world and hopefully treat it better this time.

Apart from the teachings it has provided us with, Covid 19 has

  • Brought families closer

Needless to say, the lockdown and travel restrictions imposed by many governments have kept families under a single roof for longer time periods. This has helped them to establish stronger emotional bonds with their family members and helped them become a bigger part of each others’ lives. Personally, as a student studying in a boarding school, I feel that staying at home has indeed strengthened my familial connections by a significant margin.

  • Helped to save time and costs by online meetings and webinars 

“Webinars” a term that has become increasingly relevant in today’s society, has actually not only provided us with a mere resort for online meetings and seminars until the pandemic ends. They have also become better alternatives for seminars and physical office meetings. In the comfort of our homes, with no transportation costs or time spent commuting, Webinars and online communication platforms have really opened the doors for a future filled with efficiency. My parents live in Kanpur, whereas I study in Dehradun. Therefore every quarter they had to book flight tickets and come to Dehradun just to attend my PTMs. Since the pandemic they have to endure next to no cost whatsoever to achieve a feat which once used to cost them 10s of thousands of rupees a piece.

  • Largely benefitted the environment

With industries and vehicles almost coming to a halt at peak stages of the pandemic. The carbon emission rates have significantly reduced since Covid -19 began. Since there is lesser movement due to travel restrictions and lockdowns, littering has gone down in developing nations where it was a major pollutant . With industries decreasing production, the waste produced by them has also reduced therefore dumping of waste in water bodies has also reduced.  Since it has lessened air, land and water pollution, Covid has certainly benefited the environment we live in.

  •  Helped us to review and improve medical infrastructure

The medical advancements that have taken place due to this pandemic simply cannot be ignored. The coronavirus disease has served as a test for humanity. A test for the responsiveness and readiness of humanity, a test for the medical society of humanity. Vaccines which usually take 12 years to enter the cycle, took just 12 months in the case of this pandemic. It is a fair assumption that the next time such a disease comes around, the response will be even quicker. It has provided us with a reality check as well as wisdom to tackle future problems efficiently and speedily.

  • Enabled society to be more cautious 

Not only the medical society, but the common man has also faced a challenge pertaining to the readiness of their financial state. People, shook from this pandemic will begin to save for rainy days and be all in all careful while spending their disposable income. This pandemic has specially been adverse for the optimistics who did not necessarily think of the future and made rash decisions. It has taught us that realism and to some extent pessimism are the policies to adopt. One should always hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

I would lastly like to say that it is evident that although Covid-19 has been more of a curse to humanity, it is imperative that we not ignore the benefits that it has provided it us with and with a positive mindset, try to make the best of a bad situation.